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about Thicc girl thursdays.

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    I thought of the idea mostly when [ INITHIUM ] Kupra came out and saw that not many people could find many items for that body or thicker bodies in general. All bodies are beautiful and lovely, so we should be embracing all bodies with love. The sad fact is, there aren't many sale items for our curvier bodied individuals in general.

​   Not all of us curvier individuals can afford the full price for these amazing items. I thought it would be a great idea to make a dedicated page / weekly sale event that was for thicker bodies. Being a curvy bodied individual as well as a shop-o-holic, I decided to put this idea into effect.

    ​Now that I have a chance to possibly get great designers to put out amazing things, I will try my best! Please join me on my journey to show that thick thighs, save lives. ♥



Meet The Team

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Nana Rosemary Flow

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This is Nani Rosemary Flow, she is the owner of THICC GIRL Thursdays. She likes Pigs, the color Yellow and Sale Shopping.

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